Top scores for our claims handling

14 September 2016|Paul Baker

Handling our customer’s claims in-house is an essential and critical part of the service that we provide, therefore any complaints about the way in which claims are handled and settled reflects entirely on us.

Claims are perhaps the only time when you really know how good your insurance provider is, for us it is an opportunity to show how good we are, and hopefully you will tell others too !

So how are we doing ? We send a claims feedback questionnaire to every claimant and have so far received 12 responses, we encourage policyholders to return these forms by providing them with a pre-paid envelope. We ask for our service to be marked out of 5, where 5 is excellent and 1 is poor.

There are 5 questions so based on the 12 responses received to date there are a maximum of 60 scores – and the results are :-

58 scores of 5 = EXCELLENT
1 score of 4 = GOOD
1 score of 3 = AVERAGE

We are delighted with the results to date, one customer even marked us 5+, another commented ‘Excellent whole claim’ ! And even the two lower marks were attributed to the repairer.

There were also some lovely comments ranging from :

‘First class handling of my claim, also first class when I first enquired about taking out insurance with you, and I worked in the insurance industry for over 40 years. Well done.’ Miss DD – Grove Park, Wisbech

‘Excellent service, well done to all concerned’ – Mrs EH – Wear Farm, Teignmouth.

‘Excellent friendly service throughout, I felt comfortable talking to your friendly operatives and they were very efficient, thank you’ – Ms LC - Priory Park, Ipswich

‘First time making a claim for 15 years and very pleased with the way the lady on the phone dealt with it’ – Mrs AP – Hambleton Park, Poulton-Le-Fylde