Does your Park Home Insurance cover damage by vermin ?

30 August 2018|Paul Baker

Paul Baker Insurance Services (PBIS) are currently dealing with a substantial park home insurance claim for damage caused by vermin, in this case rats. This might not seem a particularly shocking occurrence but the damage is so extensive that the home is likely to be a total loss such is the extent of the damage. 

From the outside the home looks to be in immaculate condition but inside the walls, the roof and under the floor the rats have caused incredible damage, over 30 rats have so far been caught, the smell as you might imagine is appalling. 

For the park home resident the experience as one can imagine has been very upsetting and distressful, she has had to move into alternative accommodation whilst insurers consider whether the home can be repaired – this seems unlikely at the time of writing. 

The top of the range ‘Select’ policy offered by PBIS currently includes loss or damage caused by vermin but a review of other specialist park home insurance policies would suggest that most would not protect against loss or damage of this nature, indeed the ‘Economy’ policy offered by PBIS does exclude vermin damage. Vermin by definition includes rats, mice, squirrels, wasps and hornets. Does your park home insurance cover vermin damage ? 

24 Hour Home Emergency Assistance 

The polices offered by PBIS also include a 24hour Home Emergency Assistance Service so that in the event of a qualifying emergency a tradesman can be called to deal with the emergency situation – emergencies include vermin, hot water failure, complete electricity failure, boiler failure, blockages in toilet waste pipes, plumbing problems relating to leaking pipes, blocked drains or leaking radiators and broken or damaged windows, doors and locks presenting a security risk to the home. The service can be used up to three times per year, with the ‘Select’ policy the cover is up to £1000 per call out, reducing to £250 with the ‘Economy’ policy. This service can be used to try and eradicate the vermin with a pest controller being appointed to visit the property to lay traps or poison or to remove a wasps nest. Does your park home insurance include this valuable additional cover ?

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