Leisure Home Insurance

Our Leisure Home Select and Economy policies have been designed to meet the needs of owners of Leisure Homes, Holiday Lodges and Static Holiday Caravans. Both policies provide new for old cover (Note – the Economy policy cover for clothing and linen is on a market value basis) and are therefore not suited for owners of older lower value caravans requiring indemnity or market value cover.

Leisure homes, holiday lodges and static holiday caravans offer a varied lifestyle choice. Traditionally used by family and friends for holidays and weekends, increasingly they are let out to generate a valuable revenue - and in some cases they are being purchased purely as an investment, with returns of up to 8% being proclaimed.

In recent years the quality of these leisure homes and the quality of the parks has improved beyond recognition, it is not uncommon for prices to exceed £250,000 and as a result we are seeing homes being used effectively as the main residence, taking advantage of 11 and even 12 month holiday licenses. People are taking advantage of a booming property market, releasing equity, buying a Leisure Home and spending their time at home and abroad - and why not ?

So a diverse product and lifestyle choice requires a flexible insurance policy which recognises a wide range of values, a wide selection of parks and locations and above all very different occupational choices. Our policies do just that and offer choice too.

Type of cover:

We have set out below in a helpful ‘at a glance’ style the full range of features and benefits provided by our ‘Select’ and ‘Economy’ policy options for leisure homes, holiday lodges and static holiday caravans, enabling you to chose the policy which best matches your requirements.

If there is any aspect of the policies that you do not understand please call us and we will gladly explain. You can also view the full policy wording on line or we shall be happy to forward a specimen policy to you.

We have done our best to set out the features clearly, we believe both policies provide excellent cover, as good, if not better, than any other comparable policy currently available.

Please remember that no policy will protect you and your home against every eventuality, conditions and exclusions will apply and every application will be subject to individual underwriting taking into account your needs and your individual circumstances.

Leisure Home Insurance Premiums

Standard Premium £332.88  

Standard Premium £256.85 

Optional additional cover is available in respect of personal possessions normally worn or carried about the person away from home e.g. jewellery, glasses, cameras, lap-tops, golf and fishing equipment. As an example to add £1,000 of cover the above premiums would increase by approximately £13.

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