Top scores for our claims handling

Team at Paul Baker Insurance Services

Here at Paul Baker Insurance Service we regard claims handling as our opportunity to show just how good the service our team provide is – and how good the policies we offer are. This is why we handle the vast majority of claims ‘in house’ – and why every claimant receives a feedback survey. The survey asks for different aspects of their service to be marked from 1 to 5 where 1 is poor and 5 is excellent.

Between January and August 2019 we handled around 150 claims and we share below the results of the claim feedback survey of which we are very proud.

How easy is it to notify us of a claim?

The claim notification process is simple, they offer a dedicated claims hotline, the claim details are taken, a claim form is not required.

We received 152 responses to this question, 147 responded with a 5 – EXCELLENT – that equates to a 97% excellent rating.

How helpful was our initial response?

We respond at the time of the call, advising how the claim will be dealt with and what you should expect and may be required to do.

153 responses were received to this question, 146 responded with a 5 – EXCELLENT – that’s 95% excellent rating.

How were claims managed from start to finish?

This relates to the whole process from notification to settlement and how we keep in touch with you throughout the process.

Of the 151 responses 138 responded with a 5 rating, that’s 91% excellent rating.

Were our customers happy with the time we took to settle the claim?

Claims are often settled within days by a BACS transfer, in other cases payments will be on satisfactory completion of repairs and sometimes payments will be made direct to a supplier or repairer.

There were 152 responses, 138 rated as 5 – EXCELLENT, and 7 as a 4, so 95% were excellent or good.

Were our customers happy with our settlement /repair/replacement?

Settlement can be made in a number of ways, to the supplier, to the repairer or to the claimant direct.

Of the 150 responses 91% or 137 were a 5 – EXCELLENT and 7 were a 4 so overall a very good outcome was delivered.

Would you recommend us to other park home residents?

This is a very important result for us because much of our new business results from personal recommendations.

Of the 138 results, 137 – a staggering 99.28% would recommend Paul Baker Insurance Services for their park home insurance.

What our customers said

‘After being insured by yourself for a very short time, I think you treated me in a very excellent way. Being treated as an honest person means a lot to me, so a big thank you’ – Mr M – Summer Lane Park

‘We can’t wait to meet your kind helpful staff, their response was amazing and we will pop in for coffee when up your way’  Mrs McC – Willow View Park

‘Very professional 100% in all areas, wish others could be half as good in other walks of life’ Mr T - Meadowlands

‘Finally an insurance company who puts customer service first. During what can be stressful times you make the whole process easy. Thank you.’ Mrs H - Brighouse

‘Your service was superb from start to finish. I have already sang your praises to neighbours. I love the personal touch when phoning your office’  Mrs W – Three Star Park

‘It was a pleasant surprise to not have to fill in a claim form and to be able to talk discuss the problem with an advisor, and then money directly transferred to my bank account’ Mrs C – Whittons Park

‘Absolutely brilliant – could n’t believe the no fuss efficient approach. Thank you’ Miss B – Woodlands Park Homes

‘I was delighted with your fast efficient service. One minute I had a tear stained face, the next a broad, beaming smile ! Thank you’  Mrs H - Ivybridge