Jacquie Poole | Claims Manager

Claims handling is critical and that is why the vast majority of claims will be handled in house, here in Cheltenham, by our claims team led by Jacquie Poole who has over 10 years experience of managing park home and leisure home claims. 

No matter how persuasive our marketing is, how enticing our product is or how competitive our price is, the true test of our policy, our service, our reputation will be how well we handle and settle your claims.

The way in which we manage and settle your claim is probably the most important element of what we do and ultimately upon what we will be judged. Your claim is our opportunity to show you how good we really are - it sounds corny but it's true.

We know that on any residential or leisure park there will only be a relatively small number of insurers, and we know too that park home residents and leisure home owners talk to each other ! Guaranteed that if we mess up on your claim everyone will know about it - guaranteed that if we excel everyone will know about it too!

Some claims we will have to refer to our insurer partner, AXA Insurance UK plc, notably liability and subsidence claims or total loss claims - but in those cases rest assured we shall keep a keen watching eye!

Top scores for our claims handling - We send a claims feedback questionnaire to every claimant and have so far received over 10 responses. To read about these responses, check out our claims handling results.

The process

We want to make the claims process as simple for you as possible, after all no one wants to make a claim. It is quite likely that the loss or damage that you have experienced has been stressful enough so we don't want to add to your stress and upset.

So all you need to do is call our claims helpline and you will probably speak to the lovely Jacquie. Our out-of- hours answering service will take your details and we will call you back when the office opens. If it is an emergency, you will be referred to a loss adjuster and possibly Paul or Ian. We will all be capable of listening to you, reassuring you and advising you what to do next.

If possible we will try and proceed without claims forms and where necessary we will authorise immediate repairs or immediate payments if, for example, you need to move out of your home into temporary alternative accommodation.

And if you want to use your own preferred and trusted local repairer or retailer, we shall do our best to accommodate you. But if you want us to arrange the repair or replacement, we shall be happy to do that too. We will try and be as flexible as possible.

Home Emergency Assistance 24 hours a day

Don’t forget, that, with the sole exception of Economy Leisure Home Policies, your policy will include a 24-hour Home Emergency Assistance Service, meaning that access to a trusted, reliable and proven repairer is only a phone call away. Depending upon which policy you choose, the cover may include up to £1,000 to cover call out charges, parts and labour. And in many cases the damage is likely to be covered by your policy which covers for example loss or damage caused by fire, storm, flood and falling trees. 

Our promise

Our promise - to handle your claim with empathy, with the minimum of fuss and in accordance with how you would prefer the claim to be managed. We cannot of course guarantee to cover all losses or damage, no insurance policy covers every eventuality, but we shall explore every way we can to pay the claim rather than looking for ways not to pay it.