Working from home

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One of the consequences of the COVID crisis is that more and more people are now working from home, and it is quite likely that for many this will become the new ‘normal’. Here at Paul Baker Insurance Services that is certainly going to be the case with 8 out of 11 staff likely to be working from home on a full time or part time basis. The last few months have proved that it can work with no adverse impact on customer service and a really positive impact upon our environment and quality of life.

Whilst the majority of park home owners are retired, there are many who still work on a full time or part time basis and some of those are likely to find themselves working from home. From a park home insurance perspective that should not present a problem; in some ways the risk is improved because the home is likely to be unoccupied for a shorter period. The only real issue is if the business demands that customers visit you at home. This could present a liability problem if a customer injures themselves during the visit due to your negligence, and your park home policy will exclude any liability arising from any business, trade or profession.

Another issue that could be a problem is if the business requires you to keep high value stock or business cash in the home; this something which is likely to be excluded and which could increase the risk of a burglary.

It is certainly worth checking with your insurance advisor if working from home is a possibility, and if you want to insure your business equipment in the home this is something which is included automatically with our ‘Select’ policy up to a value of £5k. You would also be well advised to check your park rules as some may well prohibit home working.


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