Sad to report

We are sad to report that the Park-Help-Line founded by Sonia McColl of the Park Home JUSTICE Campaign, sponsored by Paul Baker Insurance Services (PBIS) and manned by volunteers has taken its last call.

The service has run successfully for a number of year during which time it has helped hundreds of park home residents with all types of situations providing guidance, pointing people in the right direction or simply just listening to their worries. Sadly calls for new volunteers were not successful and so with a heavy heart Sonia decided to take the very difficult decision to close down the operation.

Paul Baker of PBIS commented ‘ We were delighted to sponsor this service from inception and know what a wonderful help the volunteers were able to provide, they are all to be thanked enormously for giving of their time, empathy and advice. We suggest if residents have concerns they contact LEASE, the Leasehold Advisory Service on 020 7832 2500 or visit Alternatively join IPHAS, The Independent Advisory Service  - visit or NAPHR, the National Association of Park Home Residents – visit or in Scotland SCOPHRA – The Scottish Confederation of Park Homes Residents Associations – visit '