The House of Commons Petitions Office has now published our e-petition to government, asking it prevent the fees payable by park owners to councils for processing the Fit & Proper person criteria applications being passed on and added to our pitch fees.

We have said that the need for the criteria is a direct consequence of successive government`s and council`s failures to effectively control the rogue operators and that otherwise, this will become the equivalent of a victims surcharge payable by the victims.

As reported below, we have so far received a response from the Housing Minister that the Ministry of Housing Communities & Local Government will now consider our objections as part of its commitment to introduce primary legislation to amend and clarify the definition of a pitch fee and prevent the use of variable service charges in written agreements. All signatures to the petition will add to that given commitment.

This petition is open to anyone and everyone. Park Home owners, their friends and families and others. PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE as widely as you possibly can.