Where to go for Park Home Related Advice

Because there are only around 80,000 park homes in England, Scotland and Wales and because Park Home, or Mobile Home legislation is so bespoke it can sometimes be difficult to know where to go if you need help or advice. Fortunately there are a number of excellent places to go to get really professional and helpful advice covering all aspects of park home living.

The Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE)

LEASE are a non-departmental public body funded by the Government to provide advice on law affecting leaseholders and park home owners living on protected parks, all their advisors are legally qualified. They provide free initial advice and guidance on residential park homes law.

Tel: 020 7832 2525 | Website: https://parkhomes.lease-advice.org/

The Independent Park Home Advisory Service (IPHAS)

IPHAS are a national park home resident’s association, run by volunteer park home residents for park home residents. To benefit from the wealth of knowledge and expertise you do need to be a member, it costs £6 a year to join, membership is open to residential park home owners on permanently licensed parks and to anyone interested in park home living.

Tel: 0800 612 8938 | Website: https://www.iphas.co.uk/

The National Association Park Home Residents (NAPHR)

Similar to the above NAPHR are also a national park home resident’s association, run by volunteers, contact them for more information.

Tel: 01746 767298 | Website: https://www.naphr.co.uk/


The Park Help Line was set up by Sonia McColl, founder of the Park Home Owners’ JUSTICE Campaign, it is manned by volunteers who offer free, friendly and confidential advice and is sponsored by Paul Baker Insurance Services.

Tel: 0203 846 6601 | Learn more about this service here

Paul Baker Insurance Services (PBIS)

Whilst primarily a specialist park home insurance provider they possess an in depth knowledge of park home related issues, there is also a lot of information on their web site. As a policyholder you will have access to free legal advice covering consumer law, employment law and the Mobile Homes Act, whilst the ‘Select’ policy also includes legal expenses.

Tel: 0800 0385 084

Got a question?

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