Legal advice when buying your park home!

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Whether you are choosing to buy a park home directly from a site owner or a pre-owned park home from an existing park home owner, spending your life savings on your home may feel very daunting.

Ibraheem has helped many park home owners during the buying process and through this he has seen that there are 3 real risks when purchasing a park home:

  1. Deposits paid by prospective owners without proper advice as to how the deposits operate;
  2. Contracts are not properly understood by prospective park home owners; and,
  3. Prospective park home owners are unable to use that home as a residential park home.

Ibraheem will clarify the legal position you are in, help you with understanding any processes in place but most of all, provide you with the peace of mind to have the confidence in the decision making process.

You can obtain a free brochure and quote for his services by contacting him through:

1. Following the correct procedure

Failure to meet obligations of a transfer, both for new and pre-existing park homes could invalidate the transaction and prove costly. A court case recently concluded that the process isn’t without its pitfalls and therefore getting legal advice should avoid any future problems.

2. Government Advice

Ibraheem agrees with the Government’s stance in that like any other home purchase, buying a park home is a major commitment. You are, therefore, strongly advised to take legal advice from a legal professional independent from the seller or site owner when buying a home.  

3. Understanding of the Contract

Advice from Ibraheem provides you with the insight required to understand the contract between yourself and the site owner. It is prudent to have a comprehensive review on the terms and conditions of the contract to see if there are terms that are unfair or onerous.

4. Clarification of site licensing and planning permission

Having checks to see if the correct licence in place is important and I will ensure that the site you are considering has the correct licence and planning permission.

5. Practical guidance

Obtaining guidance and advice from Ibraheem, will give you the confidence required for your purchase over and above using your local high street firm. For example; it was suggested to clients that they ask if there is a Qualifying Residents Association (“QRA”) on the park home site and how it may be an idea to have an informal chat with the QRA.

6. Stress reducing

Ibraheem understands the intricacies of park homes law, he will give you and your family the confidence and reassurances you will need to purchase your new home. Ultimately, having your peace of mind throughout this process makes the experience easy and more enjoyable.


Ibraheem is a specialist park homes law barrister and has been working in the park homes world for more than 7 years. He has advised thousands of people in the park homes world.

Contact details

Ibraheem Dulmeer is a barrister and mediator at Normanton Chambers, 218 Strand, London, WC2R 1AT. 

Ibraheem accepts instructions directly from the public on any park home matter. This means you may instruct him directly, he can be contacted by telephone on: 07939 259 924 or 0300 0300 218 by e-mail on

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