Considering thermal insulation/cladding?

More and more park home owners are choosing to take advantage of grants and attractive offers to add thermal insulation or cladding to their homes. And there is no doubt that the finished product can really enhance the appearance of your home and likely reduce your heating bills too. But a word of caution, choose your contractor carefully. Indeed whatever work you may be having done choose your contractor carefully.

So going back to thermal insulation it is critical that the existing /original cladding is in good order before the work is carried out. Any moisture or deterioration in the cladding can lead to rot and damage to the structural timbers which if not dealt with will spread unnoticed beneath the new cladding. This can lead to serious structural problems which are unlikely to be covered by insurance because they result from a pre-existing condition or from a gradually operating cause. Other problems can be the covering of drainage vents and difficulty in replacing windows and doors in the future.

The solution is to do your homework, check out the exterior condition of your home or get it surveyed but above all chose a professional, competent and reliable contractor to do the work, and get more than one quotation too. It can be easier said than done of course but trade organisations like ‘Trust a Trader’ –, or Check a Trade – are a good starting point and recommendations are always worth considering. You could even google the trader to see if there are any relevant stories about their workmanship, remember glossy colour adverts and brochures and persuasive web sites are no guarantee of a job well done.

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