Beware of Park Home Insurance Scam

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We have been advised that a number of park home residents in Surrey have purchased what they believed to be legitimate park home insurance from a sham company trading as ‘Barkers of Cheltenham’. Sadly this is a SCAM, the company address and telephone numbers are fake but a number of people, we do not know how many, have purchased this product and indeed renewed it over a number of years, the police are investigating so do contact them if you have been deceived.

Park Home residents may recall that Bakers (not Barkers) of Cheltenham was a legitimate park home insurance provider founded by John Baker in 1971 and over the years insured many thousands of park homes, the company no longer exists as such and clearly the name has been exploited by some pretty unscrupulous people. Paul Baker, the son of John now trades as Paul Baker Insurance Services, still based in Cheltenham.


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