An update from the park home JUSTICE campaign

Paul Baker Insurance Services, park home justice campaign

Justice… is a long time coming for those living in a park home.

  • 2014 - 30,000 residents call for an Independent Review of the 10% Commission and a change from RPI increase to CPI increase on the pitch
  • 2017 – A further petition is delivered to Downing Street and 300 residents travel to London for the Three Nations
  • 2019 - Independent Review of the 10% commission promised for the spring, then summer! Then it’s halted by Now we are told it’ll be when Parliamentary time allows. Let’s see what 2020 brings.

Change needed

Park homes may be a niche area of the housing market, but that is no reason to place the needs of every park home resident in our country on the back burner. These residents are being deprived of 10% of the equity in their home (should they wish to sell) while the site owners plead poverty but get rich at their expense. And what happened to changing RPI to CPI? Or, are they waiting to decide if they will add any reduction of the 10% commission to the pitch fee?

One site owner (who owns many parks) has already pre-empted any reduction to the 10% charge and has altered the written statement - for unsuspecting purchasers of park homes - to read: “They reserve the right to further review the Pitch Fee to take account of changes in legislation to the maximum rate of commission payable on the sale of a mobile home”.

I have written to the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Park Homes and many MPs calling for an urgent meeting to discuss this. At the time of writing, not one MP has had the curtesy to even acknowledge receipt of the email - but I bet they will still want my vote...

Please know that your JUSTICE Campaign specifically campaigned for an Independent Review of the 10% Commission Charge with nothing added to the pitch fee.

Stolen park home

  • 2017 - My park home was stolen and two men
  • 2019 - I am waiting to hear (and hope) they will be There will be a further update on the PHOJC website when I know the outcome. (www.parkhomeownersjusticecampaign.


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